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CAT SIS Online 2.0 is used on a Web browser, compatible with all Windows operating systems and Web browsers on phones. With the database loaded directly from the factory, it is faster to use, and there is no need to install any software. There are 3 options for CAT SIS Online, to help you better suit your intended use.
  • Version 1: Only Parts
  • Version 2: Parts and Service (maintainance, schematic...)
  • Version 3: Parts, Service and Software file download (flash file, trim file...)

Remote Tuning Service

Our commitment after delete DPF EGR Hino
  • Completely remove the exhaust gas treatment system DPF EGR
  • The DPF error light is completely off.
  • No reduction the power
  • You can drill or remove the DPF

Diagnostic Software/ Remote Install

NED (Navistar Engine Diagnostics) is a specialized diagnostic software for MaxxForce engines of Navistar International. As you all know, since February 2017, Navistar no longer supports ServiceMaxx software, but replaced it with NED.

Pacatalog Software/ Remote Install

John Deere Parts ADVISOR, you will find detailed recommendations on the use, maintenance, and repair, the information on spare parts, technical specifications, tables, and diagrams and many other data. Use all this data for each maintenance and repair and you will avoid premature breakdowns and trouble and choose the right parts.

Repair Manual Software/ Remote Install

Linde Service Guide is parts catalog and service information system for Linde material handling equipment. This program contains parts identification data, service and repair manuals, wiring diagrams Line, hydraulic diagrams Linde, special component instructions and service bulletins.

Repair Manual Document

Liebherr Lidos software contains maintenance manuals, operating instructions, technical information about devices, part numbers and part names, diagrams, pictures and more for LWT, LHB, LFR, LBH equipment. This parts catalog contains clear information about Liebherr products and helps to identify existing and potential problems, maintenance problems, and equipment malfunction. The program interface is very simple and convenient, which allows you to search for spare parts by model, by name, by part numbers.

Acronis True Image

GDS software is specialized software for Hyundai and Kia, the software has diagnostic and lookup features.
  • Shop manual.
  • Wiring diagram ETM.
  • Disassembly/ reassembly instructions
  • Component location
  • Look up and repair copper paint.
  • Information lookup function based on VIN number, PIN CODE, airbag code, look up genuine parts.