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Thank you for trusting In order  to make it easy to remote install software for you, we need a software called Teamviewer installed on your dear computer. The purpose of this is so that we can control your computer and install software that you have purchased from us.

It is very important that you find and connect to the steable Internet so that the software installation process can take place smoothly, smoothly and quickly.

Instructions to install TeamViewer:

Step 1: Access the link download here.

Step 2: Instruction video here.

After the Teamviewer installation is completed, open the software by double-clicking the icon of the TeamViewer software on the Desktop screen.

Then send “Your ID” and “Password” to us via:

App, logo, media, popular, social, whatsapp Whatsapp: +84.858.966.333

App, logo, media, popular, skype, social Skype: Eric Song

Zalo  Zalo: +84.858.966.333

Logo, wechat Wechat ID:

Brand, brands, gmail, logo, logos  Email:

App, facebook, logo, media, popular, social  Facebook:

App, logo, media, popular, social, youtube  Youtube:

Accomplished! Your job is done, all the rest job we will do all, you just rest, when needed, we will contact you.