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All of Cummins’ software at the present

Cummins is a very famous engine manufacturer worldwide, Cummins engine products are widely used in many different types of vehicles. So famous and so familiar, but have you ever wondered about Cummins’ software, how many software it has, what software is currently using. Please refer to the article below!

1. About Cummins Inc

Cummins Inc is an American multinational corporation that designs, manufactures and distributes engines, filters and generators. Cummins also offers engine and related equipment services, including fuel systems, control systems, air handling systems, filters, emission control systems, power generation and truck.

Cummins logo

Cummins Headquartered in Columbus, Indiana, USA, its products are sold in approximately 190 countries and territories through a network of more than 600 independent and company-owned distributors and approximately 6,000 agency. Cummins reported net income of $2.19 billion on revenue of $23.77 billion in 2018.

2. Cummins software types

2.1. Cummins Insite software

When say about Cummins software, this is probably the first thing people think of. Yes, Insite is diagnostic software for all Cummins engines. In addition to fault identification, the software also has many other features such as activating DPF regeneration, turbo calibration, parameters change, ECM programming. Currently the latest version of the software is Insite 8.7.

Cummins Insite 8.7

Insite software has 3 versions: Basic, Lite, Pro. In which Insite Pro version is the highest version, supports the most features, only with this Pro version you can combine with other features such as ECM programming (Fleet Count) or ECM password removal (Zap it Password).

2.2. Cummins Calterm software

Although Insite Pro has very strong support for Cummins engine, there are still many features that cannot be done, such as many parameters that cannot be changed (still in lock parameter). Therefore, it is necessary to add a more specialized software called Calterm. The latest version of the software is Calterm 5.3.

Cummins calterm 5.3

Cummins Caterm is an intensive engineering development software for ECM of Cummins engines, in a sense Calterm is specialized software for Tuning Cummins engines.

With Calterm, you can adjust any engine parameters that Cummins Insite software cannot do, in addition you can easily upload, download engine calibration file, remove the engine speed limit, calibrate fuel, delete emission like Adblue, SCR, DPF, EGR remove, increase power for Cummins engines.

2.3. Cummins Inpower Pro software

In addition to being famous for making engines, Cummins is also very famous for its generators. With this array, the company has a generator-specific software called Cummins Inpower that can interfere with the generator’s control ECU, not just the engine control ECM. Software  Inpower has 2 versions:

  • Cummins Inpower Lite: Basic Diagnostics
  • Cummins Inpower Pro: This version can program the ECU, customize the motor parameters according to the user. The current latest version is Inpower Pro 13.5

Cummins inpower v13.5

2.4. Cummins Incal

Cummins Incal is not actually a standalone software. It is just a collection of flash files (calibration files) usually packaged as Incal discs and used to program Cummins engines. This disc collects all the programs including the following groups:

  • Automotive
  • Industrial
  • HHP/ PowerGen
  • Other: program for ACM, VGT turbo

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2.5. Cummins QuickServe offline software

Cummins QuickServe is a software that specializes in repair service manuals for all Cummins engine lines. With this software you will have the user manual (Owner manual), maintenance procedures, DTC troubleshooting guide, repair procedures, disassembly/ reassembly instructions, lookup component locations, look up engine information (engine data plate) via ESN, look up spare parts on Cummins engine.

Cummins Quickserve DVD 2017

The current latest version of QuickServe offline is 2017, it is currently unknown if this is the final offline version. If you have a need new database, you can buy a QuickServe Online account. With this account you can look up more complete information, all types of circuit diagrams only need the ESN code, plus you can download any calibration file you want. 

3. Conclusion

So we have just summary for you Cummins’ software: including 5 software

  • General engine diagnostics with Insite
  • Deeper into control systems or tuning ECM with Calerm
  • Specialized for generators with Inpower Pro
  • Collection of flash files with Incal
  • Look up repair manuals with QuickServe

There are also some new software that I will continue to update in the near future. Hope the article will help you, see you in the next sharing article!

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