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DDDL Reset/Clean DPF Data or Ash Accumulator for 3720/15 Fault Code



Diesel Diagnostic Link DDDL 8.14

Diesel Diagnostic Link DDDL 8.15


Click “Troubleshooting” button,it will show you with detail information:

SPN 3720/FMI 15-EPA07-EPA07-EPA10-GHG14

Diesel Particulate Filter Has Reached the End of its Service Life.

Replace DPF and perform the Ash Accumulator reset using DiagnosticLink.

Or use Solution delete DPF

The DPF lamp will illuminate and code 2730/15 will log when the truck reaches the appropriate mileage interval.This fault indicate that the DPF need to be replaced.The DPF Ash Accumulator Routine in Diagnostic Link must be completed.This routine can be found in the Actions drop-down menu and must be completed…


Select Actions–>Aftertreatment–>DPF Ash Accumulator


Now it show you with below panel,use this panel to reset or synchronize the ash volume ratio.

Select Cleaned or remanufactured filter installation

Then input two serial number for the aftertreatment system now installed on below.

After then click Set Ash Volume


Wait for procedures completing.



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