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How to Activate/Deactivate/Reset Engine Immobiliser for JCB Machine

1. Reset Engine Immobiliser for JCB Machine

When you perform JCB mahcine engine ECU updating or other some function,you need to do activation/deactivation or resetting on immobilizer.Here is a guide on how to use JCB ServiceMaster 4 diagnostic software to to activate/deactivate or reset immobilizer.

2. Preparations

3. Procedures

Step 1: Make a note of the engine serial number on the engine labels

Step 2: Make sure the machine is switched on and ServiceMaster is connected.

Step 3: Navigate to the relevant machine engine setup tool:

1Step 4: Navigate to the immobiliser tab. This will show the current status of the immobiliser:


Step 5: Navigate to utilities / high security unlock and select Copy CHALLENGE to Clipboard.


Step 6: Log into JDS and navigate to the unlock page. Select Extended Unlock


Step 7: Paste the challenge value and click submit.


Step 8: Select Immobiliser. Enter the engine serial number (refer to step 1). Enter any relevant information into the Reason Required field


Step 9: Copy the response value provided.


Step10: Paste the response value into the high security unlock page in ServiceMaster. Select Apply. The relevant fields will now be unlocked. Close the security unlock page.


Step 11: The options to Set or Un-set the Immobiliser will now be available.


Step 12:  Setting the immobiliser will result in the following message


Step 13: Un-setting the immobiliser will result in the following message


Step 14: After either selection, the ECU will need to be restarted. Switch off the machine and wait for at least 2 minutes before performing any further operations on the machine.

Step 15: If setting the immobiliser, please refer to machine instructions to pair the immobiliser devices.

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