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How to Use Volvo PTT to Program ECU


How to Use Volvo PTT to Program ECU

This article show the guide on how to use Volvo PTT to program ECU. I will introduce it with pictures and text. Hope this mini guide will give your some enlightenment.


  • Volvo tech Tool 2.8.175 and up
  • Volvo VOCOM II or NEXIQ USB Link 2 genuine


  • Connect the diagnostic tool to the vehicle,then run the Volvo PTT.
  • After warning massage display, click “Yes”
  • Waiting for system reading unit information.
  • Then you will see the “Work Order Number” window
  • Move the mouse to click “TT2 XX”, then click “Start Work”

How to Use Volvo PTT to Program ECU

Refreshing central data…waiting

Click the menu bar option “Program”

How to Use Volvo PTT to Program ECU

Focus on right side content to click “1700-08-03-39 Program Electronic Control Unit”

Click “Start”

Note: This operation is used to program a selected Electronic Control Unit. Parameter values will be transferred to the new software.

How to Use Volvo PTT to Program ECU

Select “Vehicle ECU(MID 144)”,the click “Program”

How to Use Volvo PTT to Program ECU


Then PTT software will check conditions automatically.

1.Bttery voltage above 10 V

2.Parking brake applied

3.Ignintion key in ON position Engine not running


How to Use Volvo PTT to Program ECU


Click “Continue”

System will perform programming steps automatically, as following:

1 .Reading out transferable parameters from selected Electronic Control Units:

2 .Retreving software part numbers

3. Downloading software from control systems

4. Testing programming speed

5. Programming Electronic Control Units

6. Programming Completed


During the performing programming steps, the if the system prompt you “There are no software updates for the selected Electronic Control Unit”

Do you want to reload t existing software?

7 1

Click “Yes”

Then check “I Accept” and click “Continue”


Waiting system downloading software form control systems



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