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International MaxxForce EPA10 Road & Cruise Speed Programming by JPRO

International MaxxForce EPA10 Road & Cruise Speed Programming by JPRO

This instruction show you guide on how to use JPRO Commercial Vehicle Diagnostics software to do cruise speed for International MaxxForce EPA10 truck.


  • Run JPRO Commercial Vehicle Diagnostics
  • After communication connection build,it show you with the truck information
  • Click “Bi-Directional” on menu

1.JPRO Commercial Vehicle Diagnostics

  • Select “Road and Cruise Speed”,then click “Start”

2.JPRO Commercial Vehicle Diagnostics

To change the following vehicle road speed limits enter the desired value in the Update Value column highlighted in yellow and select the program button.

  • Input “80” in Max Vehicle Speed
  • And input “80” in Cruise Control Vehicle Speed High Limit
  • Click “Program”

3.JPRO Commercial Vehicle Diagnostics

  • Click “OK”

4.JPRO Commercial Vehicle Diagnostics

  • Click “Continue”

5.JPRO Commercial Vehicle Diagnostics

  • Please key on ignition and click “Continue”

6.JPRO Commercial Vehicle Diagnostics

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