Hino DX2 – Hino Diagnostic eXplorer 2 V1.1.20.8 (08/2020)


Hino DX2 is new diagnostic software version of Hino. Support all Hino model, even Hino construction machinery. Especially, DX2 integrated  troubleshooting guide feature for easier diagnosis and repair time.

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1. General Description

Hino Diagnostic Explorer 2 (Hino DX2) is specialized diagnostic software for trucks and buses branded Hino. The Hino DX2 is used to diagnose electronic control systems such as engine, gearbox, ABS, instrument cluster,…

Besides diagnostic features like reading DTCs, Data list, Activation test ,…Hino DX2 also supports customizing the configuration of systems, reprogramming  ECU. DX2 also supports users to look up and troubleshoot error codes through the Troubleshooting feature integrated into the Hino DX2.

2. Software Information

  • Name: Hino Diagnostic eXplorer 2 (Hino DX2)
  • Version: V1.1.20.8 (08/2020)
  • Capacity: 902 MB
  • Language: Multi language includes Vietnamese
  • Region: All region

3. Supported Model

Hino DX2 V1.1.20.8 support: 700 series, 600 series, 500 series, 300 series (N engine; J engine), Bus.

DX2 also support diagnosis vehicles with emission standards: EURO2/ EURO3/ EURO4/ EURO5 (With VCS)/ EURO5 (without VCS)/EURO6

4. Features


  • Read & Clear Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs)
  • Live data
  • Check and Activation Tests for engine actuation
  • DTC Troubleshooting guide
  • System information


  • Idle Shutdown
  • PTO settings.
  • Vehicle/Cruise Speed settings.
  • Engine Protection settings.
  • Set the maintenance time
  • Simulation
  • Learning/ reset/ calibration for new engine components
  • Injector correction, Injector Calibration Codes
  • Reprogramming ECU

5. Computer Requirements

  • Free drive space: 20 GB or more
  • CPU: Core i3 or above
  • RAM: 4 GB or more
  • Operating System: Windows: 7, 10 32/ 64 Bit
  • Turn off firewall and windows defender
  • Update windows
  • Install Microsoft .Net framwork and Microsoft visual C++
  • PC Port: USB
  • Display: 1024 x 768 pixel minimum
  • Internet Browser: Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 or highe

6. Supported Hardware

  • DPA5
  • Hino Bowie
  • Noregon DLA
  • And some other RP1210 devices

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