Hitachi HOP (5.0) EPC (02.2013)

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Hitachi HOP (5.0) EPC is a complete catalog of spare parts and accessories for equipment Hitachi. This parts catalog includes simple search function: part search, page search, organize query. You can search by model name, model code, publication No, illustration No…

1. What is Hitachi Hitachi HOP (5.0) EPC?

Hitachi HOP (5.0) EPC is a complete catalog of spare parts and accessories for equipment Hitachi. This parts catalog includes simple search function: part search, page search, organize query. You can search by model name, model code, publication No, illustration No…

Hitachi HOP EPC


  • Part name and parts numbers search
  • Model indexes
  • Zoom features
  • Print high quality text and illustrations

2. Hitachi Hitachi HOP (5.0) EPC model support

Excavators – Mini size

EX12, EX12-2, EX15, EX15-2, EX17U, EX17UNA, EX18-2, EX20U-3, EX20UR, EX20UR-2, EX20UR-2C, EX20UR-3, EX22, EX22-2, EX22-2, EX25, EX25-2, EX27U, EX27UNA, EX30, EX30-2, EX30U, EX30UR, EX30UR-2, EX30UR-2C, EX30UR-3, EX33MU, EX33U, EX35, EX35-2, EX35U, EX35UNA, EX40, EX40-2, EX40U, EX40UR, EX40UR-2, EX40UR-2C, EX40UR-3, EX45, EX45-2, EX5, EX50U, EX50UNA, EX50UR, EX5-2, EX55UR, EX55UR-3, EX58MU, EX8, EX8-2, EX8-2B, HX120B, HX120B-2, HX140B, HX140B-2, HX180B, HX220B, HX64B, HX64B-2, HX99B, HX99B-2, ZX10U-2, ZX14-3, ZX16, ZX16-3, ZX17U-2, ZX17UNA-2, ZX18, ZX18-3, ZX20U, ZX20UR, ZX22U-2, ZX25, ZX27-3, ZX27U, ZX27U-2, ZX27U-3, ZX27U-3F, ZX27U-NA, ZX27UNA-2, ZX29U-3, ZX29U-3F, ZX30, ZX30U, ZX30U-2, ZX30U-3, ZX30U-3F, ZX30UR, ZX30UR-2, ZX30UR-2U, ZX30UR-3, ZX33U-3, ZX33U-3F, ZX35, ZX35U, ZX35U-2, ZX35U-3, ZX35U-3F, ZX35U-A, ZX35U-NA, ZX38U-3, ZX38U-3F, ZX40, ZX40U, ZX40U-2, ZX40U-3, ZX40U-3U, ZX40UR, ZX40UR-2, ZX40UR- 2D, ZX40UR-2DU, ZX40UR-2U, ZX40UR-3, ZX40UR-3D, ZX48U-3, ZX48U-3F, ZX50, ZX50U, ZX50U-2, ZX50U-3, ZX50U-3F, ZX50U-3U, ZX50U-NA, ZX50UNA-3, ZX52U-3, ZX52U-3F, ZX55UR, ZX55UR-2, ZX55UR-2D, ZX55UR-2DU, ZX55UR-2U, ZX55UR-3,ZX55UR-3D, ZX60USB-3F, ZX8-2, ZX8U-2.

Excavators – Small size

EX100, EX100-2, EX100-2m, EX100-3, EX100-3C, EX100-3m, EX100-5, EX100-5E, EX100M, EX100M-2, EX100M-2m, EX100M-3, EX100M-3m, EX100M-5, EX100T, EX100W, EX100WD, EX100WD-2, EX100WD-3, EX100WD-3C, EX120, EX120-2, EX120-2m, EX120-3, EX120-3C, EX120-3m, EX120-5, EX120-5E, EX120-5HG, EX120-5LV, EX120-5X, EX120-5Z, EX120K-2, EX120K-2m, EX120K-3, EX120K-3m, EX120SS-5, EX125WD-5, EX130H-5, EX130H-5(E), EX130K-5, EX135UR, EX135UR-5, EX135US-5, EX135USR, EX135USRK, EX140US-5, EX150, EX150LC-5, EX160WD, EX60, EX60-2, EX60-3, EX60-5(LC), EX60BL, EX60BUN-5, EX60G, EX60LCK-3, EX60LCT-3, EX60SR, EX60T-2, EX60UR, EX60WD, EX60WD-2, EX70LCK-5, EX75UR, EX75UR-3, EX75UR-5, EX75URLC-3, EX75URT, EX75URT-5, EX75US-5, EX80U, EX90, EX90-2, PZX135USK-3F, TB50, TX75US, UH02, UH025, UH025-7, UH025M, UH025SR-7, UH025SS-7, UH035, UH035-7, UH03D, UH03DT, UH04, UH04-3, UH045, UH04-5, UH045-5, UH045-7, UH045SS-7, UH04-7, UH04M, UH04M-5, UH04M-7, WH03, WH04,ZX110, ZX110-3, ZX110-E, ZX110M, ZX110M-3, ZX120, ZX120-3, ZX120-E, ZX125US, ZX125US-E, ZX125W, ZX130-3, ZX130H, ZX130K, ZX130K-3, ZX130L, ZX130L-3, ZX130MT, ZX130W, ZX135US, ZX135UR, ZX135US-3, ZX135US-E, ZX135USK, ZX135USK-3, ZX135USL, ZX135USL-3, ZX135UST, ZX140W-3, ZX145W-3, ZX160, ZX160LC-3, ZX160LCT, ZX170W-3, ZX180LC, ZX180LC-3, ZX185USR, ZX190W-3, ZX190W-3Daruma, ZX60USB-3, ZA60USB-3F, ZX65USB-3F, ZX70, ZX70-3, ZX70B, ZX75UR, ZX75UR-3, ZX75URT, ZX75US, ZX75US-3, ZX75US-3M, ZX75US-A, ZX75USK-3, ZX75UST, ZX80LCK, ZX80LCK-3, ZX80SB, ZX85USB-3, ZX85USB-3M, ZX95.

Excavators – Medium size

CHR70, EX125WD-5, EX200, EX200-2, EX200-2m, EX200-3, EX200-3C, EX200-3E, EX200-3m, EX200-5, EX200-5E, EX200-5HG, EX200-5LV, EX200-5X, EX200-5Z, EX200K, EX200K-2, EX200K-2m, EX200K-3, EX200K-3m, EX200LCK-2m, EX200SS-5, EX210H-5, EX210H-5(E), EX210K-5, EX210MT-5, EX220, EX220-2, EX220-3, EX220-5, EX225USR, EX225USRK, EX230H-5, EX230K-5, EX270, EX270-5, EX280H-5, EX300, EX300-2, EX300-3, EX300-3C, EX300-5, EX310H-3C, EX345USR, EX350H-5, EX350K-5, EX370HD-5, EX385USR, FV30, TX160, UH055-7, UH06-5, UH06D, UH06DT, UH07, UH07-2, UH07-3, UH07-5, UH07-7, UH09, UH09-2, UH09-7, UH10, UH10-2, UH12-7, ZX110, ZX120, ZX130H, ZX130K, ZX130W, ZX140W-3, ZX140W-3Daruma, ZX160W, ZX170W-3, ZX170W-3Daruma, ZX180W, ZX190W-3, ZX200, ZX200-3, ZX200-3F, ZX200-3G, ZX200-E, ZX200-X, ZX210H, ZX210H-3, ZX210H-3G, ZX210K, ZX210K-3, ZX210K-3G, ZX210L-3, ZX210W, ZX210W-3, ZX210W-3Daruma, ZX220W-3, ZX225US, ZX225US-3, ZX225US-E, ZX225USR, ZX225USR-3, ZX225USR-3F, ZX225USR-E, ZX225USRK, ZX225USRK-3, ZX225USRK-3F, ZX225USRL-3, ZX230, ZX240-3, ZX240-3F, ZX240-3G, ZX240H, ZX240K, ZX250H-3, ZX250H-3F, ZX250H-3G, ZX250K-3, ZX250K-3F, ZX250K-3G, ZX250L-3, ZX250W-3, ZX270, ZX270-3, ZX280L-3, ZX280LCH-3, ZX300W, ZX330, ZX330-3, ZX330-3F, ZX330-3G, ZX350H, ZX350H-3, ZX350H-3F, ZX350H-3G, ZX350K, ZX350K-3, ZX350K-3F, ZX350K-3G, ZX350L-3, ZX350W, ZX360W-3, ZX370-M, ZX370MTH, ZX400W-3, ZX60USB-3, ZX60USBNA-3, ZX70, ZX75US-A, ZX80LCK.

Excavators – Large size

EX1000, EX1100, EX1100-3, EX1200-5, EX1200-5C, EX1200-5D, EX1200-6, EX1800, EX1800-3, EX1900-5, EX1900-6, EX2500, EX2500-5, EX2500-6, EX3500, EX3600-5, EX3600-6, EX3600E-6, EX400, EX400-3, EX400-3C, EX400-5, EX450H-5, EX450MT-5, EX450MTH-5, EX5500, EX5500-5, EX5500-6, EX5500E-6, EX550-3, EX550-5, EX600H-3, EX600H-5, EX600HE-5, EX700, EX750-5, EX8000, EX8000-6, EX800H-5, TL1100-3, UH14, UH14-2, UH14D, UH16, UH20, UH23, UH30, UH35, UH50, ZX1000K-3, ZX1800K-3, ZX380HH, ZX400R-3, ZX450, ZX450-3, ZX450-3F, ZX450H, ZX450H-HHE, ZX450LC-3-DH, ZX450LC-3-M, ZX460LCH-AMS, ZX460LCH-HCME, ZX470H-3, ZX470H-3F, ZX470H-3-HCMC, ZX470R-3, ZX470R-3F, ZX480LCK-3, ZX480MT, ZX480MTH, ZX500LC, ZX500LC-3, ZX500LC-3F, ZX500LCH, ZX500W, ZX520LCH-3, ZX520LCH-3F, ZX520LCR-3, ZX520LCR-3F, ZX600, ZX650H, ZX650LC-3, ZX650LC-3-DH, ZX650LC-3-M, ZX670LCH-3, ZX670LCR-3, ZX800, ZX850-3, ZX850-3F, ZX850H, ZX850LC-3-M, ZX870H-3, ZX870H-3F, ZX870H-3-HCMC, ZX870R-3, ZX870R-3F.


218HSL, CX1000, CX1000-C, CX1100, CX1200W, CX1800, CX2000, CX3500DR, CX400, CX500, CX500DR, CX500S, CX500W, CX500W-C, CX550, CX650, CX650-2, CX700, CX700HD, CX900, CX900-2, CX900HD, KH100, KH1000, KH100D, KH125, KH125-3(D), KH150, KH150-3, KH180, KH180-3, KH230, KH250HD, KH300, KH500-3, KH70, KH75, KH850-3, MH5510B, ML250R, SCX1200-2, SCX1500-2, SCX2800-2, SCX300, SCX300-C, SCX400, SCX400-C3, SCX400T, SCX400T-C3, SCX500, SCX500-C, SCX500W, SCX550, SCX550-C, SCX700, SCX700-2, SCX700-C3, SCX700HD, SCX800-2, SCX800HD-2, SCX900, SCX900-2, SCX900-2C3, SCX900HD, SCX900HD-C, TH55ED, UCX300.

Truck Cranes

CX1200W, CX500W, CX500W-C, SCX500W, ML250R

Dump Trucks

AH350-D-6, AH400-D-6, EH1100-3, EH3500AC2, EH4000AC2, ZX450H-HHE


CG15D, CG45, CHR70, EG110R, EG30, EG40R, EG40R-C, EG70R, EG70R-3


FPC1700, FS165T, HC1110, HC1410, HC2410, HC2710, HR1000, HR1200S-5, HR1200SG, HR1200SGM, HR240G, HR320, HR320G-5, HR420, HR420G-5, HR750SM, HR900S-5, HR900SM, SR2000G, SR-G2000, SR-P1200, SR-P600, SS200AT, VR308, VR308-2, VR408, VR408-2, VR512, VR516FS, ZR125HC, ZR130HC, ZR240JC, ZR260HC, ZR420JC, ZR600TS, ZR800TS, ZR900TS, ZR950JC.

Wheel Loaders – Mini size

FL303-3, FL304-3, LX15-7, LX20, LX20-2, LX20-3, LX20-7, LX20SL-3, LX20SL-7, LX30, LX30-7, LX40-7, LX50-7, LX60-7, ZW20, ZW20L, ZW30, ZW30L, ZW40, ZW50.

Wheel Loaders – Small size

LX130-7, LX70, LX70-2, LX70-2C, LX70-5, LX70-7, LX70SSS-2C, LX80, LX80-2, LX80-2C, LX80-5, LX80-7, LX80RS-2, ZW100, ZW120, ZW140, ZW140PL, ZW150, ZW150PL, ZW180, ZW180PL, ZW65, ZW75, ZW80, ZW90, ZW95, ZW130W.

Wheel Loaders – Medium size

LX100, LX100-2, LX100-5, LX100-7, LX120, LX120-2, LX120-5, LX130-7, LX150, LX150-2, LX150-5, LX160-7, LX190-7, ZW100, ZW120, ZW140, ZW140PL, ZW150, ZW150PL, ZW180, ZW180PL, ZW220, ZW220-HCMF, ZW250, ZW250-HCMF, ZW310, ZW310-A, ZW310-HCMF.

Wheel Loaders – Large size

LX200, LX230-5, LX230-7, LX300-7, LX450-7, ZW220, ZW220-HCMF, ZW250, ZW250-HCMF, ZW310, ZW310-A, ZW310-HCMF, ZW330, ZW370, ZW550

Road Rollers

AR2000, CC135, CC135-3, CC135-3A, CC135C, CC135C-3, CC135C-3A, CC150, CC150-3, CC150-3A, CC150C, CC150C-2, CC150C-3, CC150C-3A, CC150CW, CP210, CP215, CP220-3, CS125, CS125-3, RT205, TSR65KDS, ZS35C-A, ZC35T-A, ZC50C-A, ZC50T-A, ZV550W, ZV650W.

And others

3. Software information

  • Name: Hitachi HOP (5.0)
  • Version: 5.0 (update 02.2013)
  • Region: all region
  • Language: multiple languages
  • Size: 10,15 GB ( 2 ISO file)

Hitachi HOP EPC 5.0 (4)

4. Computer Requirements

  • OS: only Windows 7 (32 & 64-bit)
  • Hard Drive: Free 70 GB or more (recommend use SSD drive)
  • CPU: Intel Core i3 and up
  • RAM: 4 GB or more

Hitachi HOP EPC 5.0 02.2013 (1) Hitachi HOP EPC 5.0 (2) Hitachi HOP EPC 5.0 (3) Hitachi HOP EPC 5.0 02.2013

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