New Holland EPC : Spare parts catalog for New Holland construction equipment. This parts catalog contains information for Latin America New Holland equipment models.


1. Software Information

  • Type of Catalog: Spare Parts Catalog, Service Bulletins, Parts Bulletins
  • Size: 11 GB
  • Region: Latin America
  • Version: 02.2021
  • Language: Multilanguage
  • Operating System: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 & 8.1, Windows 10 32×64 bit

New Holland EPC delivers information about parts for all CNH equipment brands directly to your desktop in an easy-to-use format. Powerful search and filtering capabilities, coupled with intuitive features that enhance your workflow, provide you with the tools you need to assist your customers and improve productivity. NGPC delivers tools and features that provide quick access to exactly the parts and equipment information you need, including:

  • Serial number-driven searches
  • A Jobs feature that lets you open more than one model catalog simultaneously
  •  Graphical menus for easy navigation
  • A comprehensive part details window that delivers all  the parts information you need
  • Marketing information (Web version only)
  • The ability to add notes to parts, figures, models, and serial numbers

New Holland EPC 2.2021

2. Using a Serial Number to Locate Equipment

You can enter a serial number (or part of a serial number) into NGPC to find the equipment you need quickly and easily. Entering a serial number filters the parts list so that only parts associated with the serial number are displayed. The Serial Number Information pane displays applicable engine and transmission information, variants, and notes.

3. Many search types are available, including:

  • Serial Number Search
  • Model Search
  • Part Number Search
  • Part Description Search
  • Figure Number Search
  • Where Used Search

Searching for Parts

You can enter a part number, part description, figure number, or figure description to begin this type of search. In most cases, a part number search will return fewer results than would a part description search.

Using the Right-click Menu

Right-clicking on a part provides easy access to some useful features, including:

  • Copy Part Number
  • Where Used (Displays the Where Used information for the selected part.)
  • Clear In Picklist Indicators
  • Clear Selected Callouts

Printing Figures and Parts Lists

You can print any parts list or illustration by clicking the Print icon on the illustration.

  • From the Print window, select the items you want to print.
  • Check the Hide Part Numbers box to hide the part numbers from the printed page.
  • When you are ready to print, click the Print button.

Part Details Window

New Holland EPC lists the information you need about the parts you need in the Part Details window. The information in the Part Details window may vary from part to part, depending on available information. You can access this powerful tool by clicking on any blue part number link.

The Part Details window is divided into three basic sections.

Part Attributes: Displays the part’s attributes, including manufacturer, package quantity, weight, dimensions, etc.

Part Information: Displays pricing information for the part, including part priors, part supersessions, type, prices, Reman, Core, and Gold Value parts.

Additional Information: Displays related part information that can be accessed through tabs. Available tabs include:

  • Components
  • Depot Availability
  • Kits
  • Notes
  • Marketing Materials
  • Part Images
  • Promotions
  • Related/Optional Parts
  • Service Bulletins
  • Specifications
  • Upsell

The Jobs feature lets you open multiple concurrent searches. For example, imagine that you are using NGPC to find the parts you need for a customer on the phone, and another customer wants to place an order at the counter. You can assist both customers without losing the work you’ve already done!

The Notes feature allows you to add notes to figures, parts, serial numbers, or models. You can modify, print, or delete any note you create. OEM notes, which are notes added to NGPC by CNH, are also available. A yellow Note icon indicates that a note is available. A grayed-out Note icon indicates that no notes are available.

The Search History feature allows you to revisit any of the last 30 searches you performed. The search history includes both serial number and model name searches.

Quick remote installation service

You are concerned about your computer skills or software installation skills that cannot install this software yourself. Don’t worry,’s team will assist you, we provide remote software installation service for you, make sure the software works ok as long as your computer has a stable Internet connection and Teamviewer software installed, all the rest we will do for you all, you can go to bed or do other tasks. After waking up the software has been installed and you are ready to start your work.

In case you can install by yourself and want to buy full software, choose the Installation Option: Full Software/ Install byyourself (only apply on some software)

Are you concerned about risk after payment?

We know you are concerned about the prepayment, receive the software later. Don’t worry, you should use Paypal and remember to choose a payment method Pay for goods or services, you will be guaranteed safety by Paypal.

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Please refer: Refund policy

After-sales support policy

You are concerned the software error when using. You worry that you can not fix it yourself. You worry that it will take a long time affecting your work and many other problems.

We fully understand these issues by you. And to ensure the interests of customers, we have a clear policy on this matter, please refer to: After-sales support policy.

Are you concerned that you will not know how to use the software?

If you are newbie, you can refer to our videos on our Youtube channel. We regularly upload video instructions to test the vehicle or perform the functions of programming and DPF SCR delete. Is it important that you take the time and effort to learn?. There are many tutorials, and many videos and documents that are completely free.

Also, if you need us to do it for you, check out:

Shopping guide

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