Trouble Code

P0611 Fuel Injector Control Module Performance D6CC

Component Location

P0611 Fuel Injector Control Module Performance

P0611 Fuel Injector Control Module Performance D6CC

General Description

The ECM judges whether vehicle condition is good or not through algorithm check-sum. All data of algorithm check-sum is composed of combination of “0” and “1”. The algorithm check-sum means that adds all values in the character row. The criteria to judge whether the ECM is good or not is sensed by comparing the stored values in the ECM and the obtained values through algorithm.

DTC Description P0611 

Item Detecting Condition Possible Cause
DTC Strategy • Voltage monitoring • Defective ECM
(software or hardware)
•  Ignition ON or at driving


•  Above 1 seconds
Fail Safe Fuel Cut Yes • Stop engine
(Impossible to start)
Fuel Limit No

Monitor Scantool Data

1.Self-diagnostic inspection
(1) IG “OFF”, and set the start safety switch ON.
(2) Connect scantool to the self-diagnosis connector.
(3) Turn the ignition to ON.
(4) Select vehicle model and system to diagnose and press ENTER.
(5) Is the communication possible between system and scan tool?

  •  Go to “System” procedure
  • Turn the ignition OFF. Disconnect scantool and repeat above step (step 1 to step 4) 2 or 3 times.
  • If the same symptom occurs, proceed step below.


Terminal & Connector Inspection

1. Many malfunctions in the electrical system are caused by poor harness and terminals. Faults can also be caused by interference from other electrical systems, and mechanical or chemical damage.
2. Thoroughly check connectors for looseness, poor connection, bending, corrosion, contamination, deterioration, or damage.

P0611 Fuel Injector Control Module Performance D6CC

3. Has a problem been found?

YES   Repair as necessary and then go to “Verification of Vehicle Repair” procedure.
NO   Go to “Component Inspection” procedure.

Component Inspection

1.ECM Inspection
(1) IG “OFF”, and set the start safety switch ON.
(2) Remove the ECM.
(3) Visually check ECM for entry of water, burnt odor in internal circuit.
(4) Reinstall the ECM and perform diagnostic troubleshooting.
(5) Is the diagnostic troubleshooting normal?

YES Go to “Verification of Vehicle Repair” procedure.
NO Replace the ECM and then go to “Verification of Vehicle Repair” procedure.


In most cases, the ECM is not defective. Before replacing the ECM, check the poor connection of connector and communication cable. And check the in/out power condition of ECM.

Verification of Vehicle Repair

After a repair, it is essential to verify that the fault has been corrected.
1. Connect scantool and select “Diagnostic Trouble Codes(DTCs)” mode.
2. Using a scantool, clear the DTC.
3. Operate the vehicle within DTC enable conditions in General Information.
4.Are any DTCs present?

YES       Go to the applicable DTC procedure.
NO       System is performing to specification at this time.


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